10.17.2002 - 6:22 pm

I hear something in my office, like a little critter gnawing. The cat is ignoring it, so I wonder if my mind is playing tricks on me. Actually, the cat is more interested in a bug on the opposite side of the window that he cannot eat, so that could be distracting him.

I've been thinking about homesickness lately. Our recent trip back to NJ was quite, weird? unsettling? eye-opening for me? I got to see two really good girlfriends that I miss dearly. And being around my hometown, just felt right. Now, I wouldn't necessarily move near my mother. I was thinking more in Pennsylvania, near New Hope. It's so pretty and old colonial up there.

So I think I could move back east. Not now, but in the future, probably. I really love my life here, and I would miss my friends here dearly. This whole family that I've embarked on is shifting my views in ways I never thought possible. 6 months ago if you asked me if I would move back east, Hell NO! Without hesitation. Now, I hesitate.

Nick got that contract job he was vying for. I had no doubt. I'm so proud of him and his knowledge. My confidence had to be balanced against his fear and uncertainty. Of course, it all worked out and I can tell he's excited to get started. Yeah for Nick!

It's Thursday and only one more day in the hell office before two days of sleeping in late, spending time with Nick and spending time with me. I'm starting to get that antsy, I need me time, feeling. I need me time. I need me time. I need me time.

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