Fresh Peaches

08.18.2005 - 6:05 pm

Sigh....I'm completely depressed about my job. I cannot find the energy within to forge on, to connect and level with my new manager on how the quickly, sweeping changes she is making are resulting in many looking elsewhere. Including me.

Munch is now into singing Old MacDonald. I think cow and sheep are her favorites. I personally like the pig sounds she makes, although I don't think she understands that piece of it.

Tomorrow night Nick and I have a date night. I'm thinking about a nice dinner, maybe at Barking Frog. Probably with a movie afterwards. We'll see what we're up for on a Friday night after each of us having very long weeks at work. Was I only in Hawaii a mere week ago? I think Corporate America should get it's head on straight about what is realistic vacation time. Why don't we have 4 week sabbaticals like the Europeans? Or maybe, that indicates I should move to Europe. Because we all know nothing will change here.

So here we sit. Munch is having dinner. Peeling the skin off of her peach because she doesn't like the "red" part. Yummy fresh peaches.

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