First Day at Work after Vacation Sucks

08.15.2005 - 7:53 pm

Today was the first day back in the office after a glorious two week respite. Not sure I really got anything done today. I did read all my email, haven't responded to them all, but read them. I have a bunch of meetings tomorrow morning. Ugh. I just don't have the motivation. I might be going to Open World in September down in San Francisco. I love San Francisco. Great city to visit, not sure I would want to live there. Regardless...I should know tomorrow if I'm going or not. Another week away from the family, and many opportunities to eat nice dinners with friends and colleagues.

My brother and his girlfriend get in tomorrow for a few days. Looking forward to seeing him, definitely on meeting the girl. Nick is threatening to give her the third degree, see if she's worthy of my brother. They've been together almost a year. We'll see... Been preparing Munch for Uncle Dubs to come and visit. I don't think she gets it yet.

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