Honu in Hawaii

08.12.2005 - 7:12 pm

We are back from Hawaii. It was a good trip. Part of me wishes I was still on the beach, in that gorgeous water (Hawaii is NOT the Jersey Shore or the Oregon Coast)...and part of me is glad to be home. We went to the beach every day. Munch liked playing in the sand if she could sit on the towel. And she liked being in the water, although it took some serious coaxing to get her in, then once in she did not want out. The best of all, and made the whole trip worth it, was going to the North Shore and having two turtles swimming about 5 feet from us. Munch just loved that. She was laughing and talking to the turles and so happy. That pure joy of a child is so special. And pretty much everything was associated with her favorite movie, Finding Nemo. It was a very good vacation. Getting her back on Pacific Standard Time is proving to be a bit challenging. We have kept her up all day today in hopes that not having a nap will tire her out so Mom & Dad can curl up and watch the finale of Hell's Kitchen.

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