Finally Friday

07.29.2005 - 6:58 pm

I'm so glad it's Friday. And if I weren't so tired and on the verge of falling asleep on my computer, I'd have a drink. Went to the gym again this morning. Work, spent 4 hours straight in one conference room and met with 6 different people. Lunch, very boring salad. Talked to my new boss about my team and what they are doing and progressing and who I need to look out for. Feeling tired about the amount of work that has to get done next week before vacation. And frustrated because I get the feeling that my new boss expects me to spend my whole day in the office with her getting crap done. well, I'm not wired that way. I cannot work a 12 hour day and get any quality work out of me. I need a siesta, which is a load of crap because after I have put in 9 hours, I should be able to go home without feeling guilty. Whatever. We'll see how this goes. Come home, do a few things around the house. Munch and Daddy get home, make dinner, and now we are watching Nemo again. I probably said that yesterday too. Munch is back on the Nemo kick. Good thing I like this movie. Last night I signed our kitty up on Catster, because I'm a dork and don't have enough time for my own journal that I thought I could keep the family updated for B-boy online. He has received 17 invitations to be "friends" with other cats. People need to get a life.

And hopefully I'll be asleep in about 2 hours.

I SO saw the attraction thing between Hermione and Ron coming on, and Harry's attraction to Ginny. I just cannot figure out the rest of it.

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