07.25.2005 - 9:43 pm

What a month. We can hardly wait, we leave next Friday for HAWAII!! I know, you are jealous. We so need this vacation...

My daughter is blossoming out of control. Every 30 minutes there is something new coming out of her mouth. She can sing the entire alphabet and does so multiple times a day. Goddess bless Sesame Street. We went to the zoo yesterday and she remembered all the animals and told Daddy about it. She remembers events surrounding physical things, like that when she wears her pink boots, that she bought them with daddy the same day they bought diapers. Or can tell me everything I brought back for her from Vegas. She wears me out, and makes me smile.

I just haven't had anything really good to write about lately.

I was driving to work today and got hit by a flying rock. Ok, a pebble. Anyway, my SECOND rock chip repair since we bought the Subaru earlier this year. Insane I tell you. Never had such a susceptible windshield before.

I guess that's about it. Yawn...

Oh, and you all should read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony (Tony) Bourdain. Great read.

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