Just one more FUCKING thing!

07.07.2005 - 9:31 pm

I am pissed. I was in a car accident last December, the day before my birthday no less...any way... It was one of those, the guy was stopped and waved me through to the shopping center. But he didn't wave me through, or so he claims, and I went, and he hit me. So pretty much the whole time I was involved with rescue people and EMT's and getting into an ambulance for the hospital. I never talked to the cop. Not once. Ever. As the ambulance was about to drive away, the cop came into the ambulance and said something along the lines of, "Miss, I'm putting the police report in your purse." That was it. The report said I was cited for failure to yield. But that is all I ever got and so I thought that was it. Since December I have never heard anything from anyone about the accident other than my insurance company settling the bills. That's it. All of it. Finished.

We are trying to refinance our house and the credit report came back with a delinquency on me for $244 for the municipal court. I am PISSED! I don't care about the money, I'll pay the money. But now I have this blemish on my record that is going to take nearly forever and a day to get removed. FUCK!!!

I just don't have the emotional where-with-all to handle this right now. I'm getting on a plane to Vegas Saturday morning for a conference. I get back next Thursday. Then the following Monday I have a huge presentation to a steering committee to get approval for my (our) HR technology project. I'm very nervous about that. I am burnt out. Totally. I have no idea what keeps me going right now. I don't. Ugh.

And now I have to deal with the munical court and have my record reinstated so my credit score goes back up again.

I'm so pissed.

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