Check Engine

06.25.2005 - 2:51 pm

I think car manufacturers need to make a modification to the dashboard. You know that pesky Check Engine light? The one that goes on and panic ensues because the engine is going to drop out of the car in about 45 seconds? The last 3 times I had Check Engine come on, it was this totally minor thing that was either free (because the computer under the hood needed a software upgrade) or $88 to replace a cap and for labor. So if having my Check Engine light comes on and it's going to cost me less than $100, I want something like Check Engine - But Don't Panic. Or realistically, Check Computer. Better yet, a digital display that tells me what is wrong. You know, since it's a computer you think this would be easy. Nick pointed out to me that if this was the case, people would drive on forever and never get checked, thereby hurting the revenue potential of fix-it shops all over the country. So what? Then he said we could probably go to our local car parts store and buy one of those diagnostic car computer readers ourselves if we really were that interested. Hm....

Gotta motor, I have a wedding to attend tonight. Trying to figure out if I even still want to be friends with this woman. But that is another post all together.

Bon Nuit.

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