Muppets again.

06.23.2005 - 7:14 pm

Ugh. Just ugh. You know? I'm so apathetic at work. I can barely find the energy to keep my eyes open let alone pay attention to the crap going on around me. I just retyped this sentence for the fourth time because I'm being all paranoid that a co-worker will find the entry. Not that I have any reason to think that would really happen. People know I post online, but that's it. Good to have aliases I suppose.

Guess what? I'm watching Muppets From Space. Again. Just like the last time I posted. sigh....Munch is playing with stickers right now. Taking them out of her book and putting them all over her arms. I bought strawberries at the market on the way home. She ate three bowls. My goodness does that girl love fruit!

Nick and I had a nice long talk last night about taking better care of ourselves. Mentally and emotionally. We are both pretty active and work out and stuff. We have both been so stressed at work that we are pretty much royal bitch queens with each other.

We bought our tickets for Hawaii this week. That should help with the stress factor. I can hardly WAIT to spend time on the beach and watch Munch play in the sand. I bought her a cute little surfer suit at Target. Little bikini bottoms and a t-shirt bathing suit top. I'll need to get her one more suit, must maintain that fashionista aspect of herself.

Rambled on about nothing there didn't I? Back to the muppets.

Did you ever realize how many quality blogs are out there? If I only had the time...

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