work crap

06.16.2005 - 7:28 pm

I'm watching Muppets in Space for the third time this week. I really like the Muppets, OK? Munch is eating a spelt raisin cookie and milk. Go Munch.

I'm so tired of work. There is so much political bullshit going on right now. I'm just cannot find the energy to deal with this. Inter-personal relationship crap with a peer...a new manager on the horizon, like two weeks lack of interest for any of my projects...trying to get out of a day-and-a-half training next week so I can do, oh I don't know, MY JOB!...argh. Why aren't I looking for another job? Hm...

Nick gets home from Japan on Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to him being home for awhile before either of us travel again. I'm going to Vegas in early July (Vegas Baby!) and he's in Atlanta the week after. Anyway, to hang out as a family and have Nick and Munch spend more time together. It was a rough morning in our house, I got Munch up, put her on the changing table, and the crying of "My Daddy! My Daddy!" I felt so bad for her. I wished I could make him appear for her. She doesn't understand days of the week and that he is only 2 days from coming home. I probably shouldn't be writing this so he doesn't read it while away and get upset. He misses his girl. She misses him. I'm at my wits end.

Maybe I'll have a cocktail tonight. Maybe not...

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