Pink Eye Anyone?

06.13.2005 - 7:06 pm

I'm going to my optometrist tomorrow. I've had pink eye for about two weeks now. Granted, my eyes are not weeping, (too) red, feel-like-a-tablespoon-of-sand-has-been-deposited-in-each-eye, too much blurriness...but since yesterday, the mere exposure of the slightest bit of sun is causing my eyes to water as if I was sobbing and snap shut. I feel like I have vampire eyes, like they will disintegrate in the sun. And since I stopped wearing contacts about 6 months ago in favor of fashionable eye wear, I don't have any prescription sunglasses. Which is proving to be very problematic. I actually had a pair of regular sunglasses balanced on top of the RX-ers on the drive home from work. What a freak!

So tomorrow Nick takes off for Japan until Saturday. I'm looking forward to more stories of karaoke in a bubble just like Lost in Translation. Yep, he did that the last time he was in Japan. And hopefully another beautiful postcard to put in the book. We've decided that what we should collect and save on our various trips are post cards. Easy to store and won't collect dust on a shelf. As opposed to say, music boxes or shot glasses. I like the postcard idea. Of course, at this point, I would need to find said postcards and buy a photo album to put them in. Yet another project to add to the list...sigh...

And sometime tonight before the end of the Muppet Movie and Munch's bedtime, I need to get her to "sign" all the Father's Day cards for the grandpas in her life. We'll see how that goes over.

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