Lemon Drop Tonight!

06.06.2005 - 6:49 pm

One of my epiphanies of being a parent is how all my friends and co-workers that are parents experience that moment when the child is acting up and all you want to do is strap them into a chair and tell them to shut the hell up for 15 minutes while mommy sits down and breathes deeply. Then reason sets in, take one deep breathe, and explain for the 25th time that eating dinner involves sitting at the table and not running through the house with sticky french toast in their hands.

Since Nick has started traveling more for work, I have such a larger appreciation for single parents. I don't know how they do it. Mostly - find the energy and patience for toddlers (or whatever age).

On that note, after being gone for 6 days this week, and 4 days next week, I am GOING AWAY this weekend with some girlfriends. We rented a house on the coast and plan on eating, drinking, socializing or being alone. Mostly eating and drinking. I may just not get out of my pj's all weekend. ...sigh... Yippee for me!!

(typing up my entry here and my banner is flashing up there on top, tee hee)

What else, I feel really bad for Nick. He had two watches in his checked baggage on the flight to Florida and they were stolen out of his bag. The airline won't reimburse him, against policy. It makes my heart ache, I know how much he liked those watches. Munch and I were thinking of getting him one for father's day, but I don't know what he wants. I don't want to buy a watch for the sake of buying a watch. That said, now I have no idea what to do for father's day. Maybe a bottle of scotch...

Scotch...hm...not a scotch drinker myself, but maybe I'll make myself a lemon drop when Munch goes to bed. Tonight we are watching Finding Nemo, She has not wanted to see this for many many months. Nice alternative to Elmo's World and the Muppet Movie. Anyway...I was talking about a martini. Oh yeah that would be some good shit. But you know what would be even better? Yeah - I bet you do. (I'm in rare form tonight)

I did get to the gym today, left work early and got in a quick workout before I picked up the Munch. Feeling pretty good about that.

OK - I should be paying attention to my daughter now. Bad parent...

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