05.25.2005 - 8:34 pm

It's about time!! Girl has to pay the consequences.

I'm beat. Two days down, one to go for vendor demos. These are so tiring. I'm taking a few days off to rejuvenate. Putting Munch in school Friday so I can go to the gym, sit in the hot tub, do some errands...Whoopee.

OK, I have to sit here another 84 minutes before they announce the AI winner. Better be Bo... Of course, my husband in Florida already knows who won. And he had to call me to tease me, didn't say anything to give it up, more likely because I was very mature saying "La La lalalalalalalallalalala" Yeah, I'm through with high school.

So I'm half way into a glass of 3-buck Chuck and starting to decompress. Didn't get much done at all tonight, no laundry, clean up, whatever...

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