05.22.2005 - 7:23 pm

I'm having a rough day. My husband is in Miami until next Saturday night. My daughter and I are home alone. I'm emotionally unprepared for work this week. We have three straight days of vendor demos, I haven't read my RFP responses yet, I'm just tired. One of my book club friends suggested we all go on a retreat together. My thought, can I go now? Like really, I'll throw a few shirts and underwear in a bag and I'm out of here. I can wear the same jeans for a week. Don't need much to sleep, hike, relax, drink wine and hang with the girls. Nick probably thinks I complain about this way too much, I haven't had a week off since Thanksgiving, I guess that is not too far off, but when you stay at home it's not quite a vacation. Nick and I haven't been on our own family type vacation for four years. That's why I'm so desperate for our trip to Hawaii in August. I'm burnt out. My motivation and drive for the office is completely gone. Even when things calm down a bit, I don't see me getting motivation back. Bah!

Today Munch and I went to a local independent bookstore with her little friend and Mommie. They are supposed to have kids movie afternoon on Sundays. I was looking forward to the kids being mezmorized, the two moms having a coffee and a cookie (great bakery right next door). Alas, Hollywood video's new management doesn't want to promote or support this event. So they cancelled it. Starting this weekend. We hung out in the bookstore and then went for dinner. Home, Munch had a bath, and now we are watching the Muppet Movie. Pretty innocent for a 2-year old, she doesn't understand the frog leg reference. She just loves the muppets and songs. I can't blame her, I love the simplicity and philosophy of the muppets myself. What a creative mastermind Jim Henson brought to this world.

So she's got about 20-25 minutes before we do night-night, then I have to do some work and it's Desperate Housewives finale. And that is my Sunday night.

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