One more fuckin' thing.

05.16.2005 - 8:22 pm

I'm just tired. Fed up. Do I only ever complain about exhaustion lately? My child is exhibiting the terrible two's. She's so all over the board it's like living with Sybil. One minute, a lover and cuddler. 30 seconds later she's spitting venom nad whatever else. So articulate I am.

I'm feeling emotionally drained. More precise? I am dealing with some issues with friends that is wearing me down. If I'm going to be a bitch about it, I feel like one person is creating a lot of strife amongst the rest of us. Whether she intends to do so or not, the emails are flying and probably everything is being misinterpretted. So we are having an "intervention" on Thursday. I hope it all works out. I cannot afford another blow to my ego if people leave my life. I did enough of that before my wedding.

I have to spend three days straight next week in vendor demos. Ugh.'

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