Stupid Criminals

04.22.2005 - 4:28 pm

You know, I'm really glad the Wendy's-finger-chili-lady was arrested. The whole story just screamed Pee Wee Herman rat-in-a-coke-can that it was comical. I mean, how could someone at a food processing plant LOSE a finger and that food go out the door? It's a little different if we are talking about a finger nail, or severing some skin off of a finger, but a WHOLE finger?? And when the story broke no one came forward saying, Um, yeah - that's my finger. If Wendy's (or whoever the food processor was) is following all appropriate legal avenues, someone would have to report such and injruy to the company and it be logged on an OSHA report. So...unless Wendy's/said-food-processor was being incredibly unlawful which would get them into even more trouble besides a lost finger, the case is just so suspicious. This woman should go onto Stupid Criminals.

Or maybe I think too logically.

My little girl will be 2 in three days! I can hardly believe it!

I'm SO glad it's Friday. Open up the bar and let the weekend begin!

7:54pm Addition

I am annoyed by everything today! My daughter is getting on my nerves, my husband is getting on my nerves, the television and computer and anything in my line of sight or in my brain is annoying me right now. Maybe I should just go to bed. Although we have Oceans Twelve to watch...and gazing on George and Brad might not be a bad thing for awhile. I'm annoyed. Just leave me the hell alone!

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