Spring Clothes

04.16.2005 - 3:52 pm

I got my bonus yesterday. Yeehaa! Here we come Hawaii!

I've also got spring fever and did some serious clothes shopping on Thursday night after work. I tried on so many fucking clothes, my legs hurt at the end of the night. I could barely walk to my car. Well, maybe slight exaggeration. I got a gorgeous Calvin Klein black dress and a mauve-ish Indian style jacket to go over it. Suitable for work and pleasure! I also got two other casual jackets, some black pants and a pink linen top. I love linen, I think it's my favorite fabric. Regardless of the required ironing and up-keep, I love linen.

I also tried on bathing suits (for up-coming Hawaii trip). Ugh! Mistake. You know, I'm really sick of the clothing industry trying to fit women into a size 0 - 14. And what the hell size is 0? Doesn't that indicate nothing? Absensce of? Null? How the hell can a person be a size 0? Anyway, my body is somewhere around a size 11. Yep, 10's are a tad too snug, but the 12's fall right over my hips. So I'm an 11. And therein lies the trouble, size 11 doesn't exist. When I bitched to Nick about this, he said that is what tailors are for. Um, yeah. Tailors. Like I have money for that.

Anyway, I'm very happy with my new clothing purchases. Now I need to get a new handbag and summer and spring shoes. Another gripe, I've had two Kate Spade purses fall apart this week. Which distresses me, if I'm going to drop that kind of money on a handbag, I don't expect the leather to wear out 6 months later when I don't even use the bag everyday, nor do I expect the handle to break off. I'm going to write a letter. I don't think Kate would want inferior craftsmanship tied to her name.

Off to get ready. Nick and I are going to the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival Auction tonight. Yum-mee!

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