Fruit, Vegetables and Muppets

04.12.2005 - 7:07 pm

Have you been watching the new season of Sesame Street? One would think that they are getting a huge check from the Agriculture Department, Fruit Board or something of the like. In the 4 or 5 new shows we've seen, it's all about fruit and veggies and not cookies. Or maybe they are trying to address our nation's obesity problem. My daughter is probably one of the skinniest kids you would ever meet. And she certainly can put the food away...just has Daddy's metabolism. Which makes me believe that child number 2 will have Mommie's constitution, the typical pear shape. Always to battle weight and the sweet tooth. (right now we are doing the fruit dance, maybe I should get my daughter up and dancing to the fruit dance). Oh, if only it were easy...

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