Religion and such

04.11.2005 - 8:19 pm

I feel as though I should write. I should pontificate. And rant. And blah...why has my brain turned into this total lump of mush? I did two performance reviews today. One of the people on my team asked me how I'm dealing with the stress of all the projects I'm involved in right now. I told her I'm holding out for July. Of course, I'll still be busy, there is still a lot of work to get done, I'm just expecting (hoping) that it will be more manageable and I can stop getting online at night. Do you know how exhausting it is to spend 9 hours in the office, come home and spend 3 hours with a 2 year old, then get back online to do more work?! I'm holding out for July, I'm holding out for Hawaii in August. I really need a vacation. Our family really needs a vacation.

I just finished reading The Rapture of Canaan. Quite an interesting book. It is actually my June bookclub book, I thought it was this month's. So Nick picked up Cane River for me to get started on. Anyway,'s about religion. Hardcore religion, reminded me of the Amish in some respect, but not. And maybe it's my catholic up-bringing, but I kep waiting for a scandal of incest or molestation. When did I get so jaded on religion that I assume the worst? I look at the people on my team, 4 of 5 are very religious. Actually, I should say 5 of 5, one is Wiccan and I just don't associate that with a traditional organized religion. Anyway, I have a mormon reporting to me, two christians (I don't know what type) and an asian religion. They all have their faith. And where is mine? Would I ever return to the church? Um, no. No, not to a christian church. I like to think I have spirituality. But do I? Nick wants to raise Munch jewish. I'm totally on board with that. They should start going to services and we should start donating to the community. Have we? No. Would I ever convert? I don't know. From what I know, it sounds intriguing, something I would like to know more about. It all goes back to time.

I'm so bitter about the lack of time in my life. Or, I should say the lack of free choice time. Between work and being a parent...oh fuck! WHINE WHINE WHINE!! Get OVER yourself Violet!

On that note, I think Nick and I came up with a girl's name for our next child. Yes, it could be a boy. We think we are having a girl. And no, I'm not pregnant. That is what Spain is for...

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