Nose ring

04.10.2005 - 2:09 pm

We went and bought new body jewelry today. I got a new nose ring (hoping Munch will act appropriately with that new piece on my face) and Nick got two new nipple jewelry pieces. Munch of course was not allowed into the tatoo/piercing place. So we took turns watching her watch the koi pond outside while the other shopped.

She and I have been sick the last week. I was out Monday and Tuesday from work, in Atlanta Wednesday and Thursday. Then she was sick again Friday so I stayed home with her. A week not in the office, Kind of nice, I know this week will be hell. Wednesday I am in solid meetings from 8am to 4pm. What freak schedules lunch meetings anyway? And NOT provide lunch. It's rude. And it happens SO much more frequently these days. I should just boycott them.

Target is having a sale on workout wear. I should go shopping...

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