Carbon Monoxide Anyone?

03.27.2005 - 11:55 am

So I got up super early this morning because Nick left for Boston about 6:30am or some ungodly hour for a Sunday morning. And I couldn't get back to sleep. Then I heard the noise, some alarm going off. Walked though the whole house that led me to my garage and the beeping carbon monoxide alarm. Which, I have learned, should not be in the garage. It should be on all levels of the house just like a smoke alarm. As the nice firefighters told me at 7:25am.

Yes, I called 911. My husband was gone, my child was sleeping, I have no tools to determine if the alarm was real or not. So Munch and I got into my car (which is kept in the driveway) while we waited. One fireman and one EMT showed up. They scanned the whole house, instructed me on the proper placement of an alarm, gave Munch a plastic fire hat and went on their Easter morning way.

Nothing like the threat of fumes that kill to jolt you awake on a Sunday.

Otherwise, Nick is gone until late Tuesday night. Munch and I are going to a friend's later for supper. And it's time to feed my daughter lunch.

And thank you judges for keeping the law where it should be and granting Terri Schiavo the right to die. I hope she is more at peace in death than the last 15 years of life.

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