Let the Spouse Decide!

03.21.2005 - 7:37 pm

I'm so pissed off about the whole Terry Schiavo thing. THere's one of those daily polls on CNN the topic overall, Who would you want to make the decision about pulling the plug if you were in a vegetative state? ... 78% say the spouse, 15% the parents, 7% somebody else.


Nick is in NYC today. Tomorrow he's headed to Chicago, home on Wednesday. Munch used to be so easy when he was out of town. Now, I wonder if she is more aware of the change in environment and acts out a bit more. Or maybe she's still adjusting to the new room at school. Almost time for bed anyway.

I feel like crap, stuffy head, post nasal drip, achey and tired. I was supposed to meet a consultant I'm working with online for a little msn chat, he never showed up. He's now 40 minutes late. So, I'll publish this and get off line. For the night. Watch the rest of Ray.


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