Liquor Woes

03.20.2005 - 9:50 am

I love that our congress people are online now. It's so much easier to ping them and express my desires as the person that put them into office. I just emailed my house and senate representatives about the Terry Schiavo case. Yes, yet another controversial topic that I'm talking about in my journal. I think it's sick what is happening to that family. Why should a very personal, private hell be made a national issue?! And why doesn't anyone believe the husband that she would want to die naturally - IF that is what would happen without artifical means of staying alive? I think about myself, I know that my husband would not keep me on artificial means (regardless of our will that indicates no extreme measures)...but I don't trust that my parents would do the same. I think my dad would. I don't with my mother.


In other ranting news, I cannot stand buying liquor in this state. In Washington, liquor is controlled by the state. So prices and hours and availability is controlled. We might be able to get peach schnapps, but not watermelon. Or only 3 stores in the entire state carry the watermelon flavor so you're SOL if you want a watermelon martini today. Sure, they will transfer it to your local store, but that could be weeks. And if you want them to carry something no one does, it's this elaborate request and approval process. The worst of it, you go to the liquor stores and it's the most depressing state of affairs. The stores are dingy and plain and one feels like a criminal going up to the register. You're treated like shit, always get's like these workers get off on the "power" they have been granted by the state of Washington. Coming from New Jersey, where liquor stores are the size of Target, and everyone is competing for your alcohol dollar, prices are super. Too bad that we will never move into a more friendly, service and satisfaction kind of model. Ugh!

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