Battle Squash

02.27.2005 - 9:33 pm

So the Oscars are over. Damn Tivo for it's exact science of stopping at a time vs. when a show ends. I know Million Dollar Baby won best picture by visiting an entertainment site. Although on the flip side, having started watching the awards at 7:30pm and being finished by 9:30pm was quite nice. Especially whizzing through the boring acceptance speeches.

So now it's 9:35pm and my shows are watched and I'm almost ready for sleep.

My hubby has been encouraging (pestering me?) to start a blog vs. this anonymous diary. Going more reality life online is a bit intimidating. Considering I've been doing this before I even met him... And, considering I did this leadership program at work last year and we did a whole case study on the power of blog and if companies should silence their bloggers. So you look at a company like Microsoft that encourages its employees to blog. And mine that are so paranoid it's an act of congress for me to get telecommute access to the office. We'll see. I'm happy where I am for right now.

Back to Iron Chef America...Battle Squash!

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