Good Joke

02.18.2005 - 7:50 pm

So I heard this pretty good joke today....

President Bush was on plane over Texas. W declares that he is going to throw out a $1,000 dollar bill out the window and make one person happy. Laura pipes up that that she is going to throw out 10 $100 dollar bills and make ten people happy. Dick Cheney adds that he is going to throw out 50 $20 dollar bills and make 50 people happy.

So the pilot comes back into the cabin and says "I'm going to throw out three people from this plane and make 53 million people happy."

Haw Haw Haw...I thought that was really good!


I think I'm fighting off a cold again. I had that tickle in my throat at about 2pm today. So what do I do, come home and indulge in a bottle o' bubbly with the husband. Munch is about 6 minutes from bedtime when we will put out our rustic dinner (bread, various cheese, smoked salmon, more wine) and watch a movie. Couldn't be better!

I'm so fucking pre-menstrual I could scream. I'm so bloated! I went to the gym this morning and had a super nice hour long workout. I don't get to do that often and it feels so good. Maybe, at least in my brain, it will counteract the food I'm about to indulge in.

Tomorrow night we are going out with some friends to a hip new restaurant in Seattle. I haven't been downtown in ages. In fact, we aren't even going downtown, we are going to the Ballard neighborhood and maybe Fremont afterward for more drinks and dancing. I think both couples are excited to be away from the children and full on have adult time. I love my girl, but if I don't connect with Violet-the-Adult, I'm going to implode. Ergo, not a good Mommie any longer.

Munch has been making huge strides recently. She repeats anything we say, which could be a bad thing. She likes play out fun games. Earlier tonight the three of us were playing Night Night. Which involved Nick and I laying on our stomachs with our heads face down on the bed. Munch was between us, hitting our backs (which actually felt really nice for me) and screaming "Night Night!! Night Night!" What a joy she is...

OK, it's time for bed and food. Good weekend everyone!

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