Silly female stereotype stuff

02.06.2005 - 8:12 pm

Our refrigerator crapped out today. Thank goddess for Sears and their 0% financing for 12 months. That will be easier to spread over the budget than another plan. So now we are about to receive a spiffy stainless steel with contour doors. I was feeling slightly helpless female about the whole thing. I really thought Nick was going to be so upset (he is in San Francisco right now, I'm home with Munch - although my dad is visiting so I took him to Sears with me). Anyway...when I called Nick I was certain he was going to be mad. He wasn't. I was so panicked about a broken refrigerator my insides were all in knots and I felt so sick. I just didn't know what to do, I really didn't. Maybe it was being faced with a major home appliance purchase and no spouse to aid in the decision. So Dad and I went to Sears and bought a nice new frig that will arrive on Tuesday. Which reminds me, I should log onto work and rearrange my schedule... Nah... I'll do it tomorrow. Now, I just want to crawl in bed with my book.


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