Mother guilt

01.24.2005 - 7:28 pm

I don't feel like being a Mommie today. So when Munch and I got home, we went for a walk. That was a nice thing to do together. Then I made Munch dinner (French Toast, Nick is out of town) and we watched Monk and now she is watching Sesame Street.

I've been feeling like a bad mother lately. Mostly because work is consuming so much of my brain power these days. There is only so much more I have to spare for my husband, my daughter and all the crap that has to get done in life (bills, laundry, dishes, etc). I told Nick I want a Honey Do list to hang up and have each of us work off of. He's game, I just need to get it posted. We had a play date with our parent's group on Sunday. We went to this really great park in Washington. I'd never been there, but you can bet I'm going back. Munch just loved it...very cool (she's leaning over hitting keys in case you are wondering) So, one of the dads was there with his son, I think mom was home sleeping and having time to herself. He was talking about a new job he is in and has to work about 50 hours a week and he and his wife like to dedicate the weekends to their son. So I started to feel guilty. We don't do that. We do errands and home stuff. Sure, we play and do fun stuff too... When I was feeling really low, it occured to me - his wife doesn't work. She's a full time mom and house manager. You know, if Nick or I weren't working 5 days a week, there is stuff we could get done during the week that would put a lot more time on the weekend for Munch. And I felt better. The guilt still lingers...

Nick gets home tomorrow night. Thank goodness. I'm taking a mental health day on Friday. Yay again. Munch has given me about 25 hugs since I picked her up at school 3 hours ago. That's the best part of all.

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