Veggie Booty

01.18.2005 - 7:33 pm

Haven't been updating lately. Been so busy at work, I pretty much come home and crash. Play with Munch, eat dinner, hang out with Nick, some tv and sleep. Our winter TV season is now in full gear...Alias, 24, and American Idol. WooHoo!!

Is that sad?

I'm already looking forward to vacation and that won't be until July at the earliest. I'm taking a mental health day next Friday. I'm very much looking forward to that...sleeping late with no child to wake me, work out, maybe a movie or something downtown I don't get to do often. Although I have bookclub that night so it may all depend on that too. It would also be nice to stay in my jammies all day and watch the food network. We'll see huh?

Munch is almost 21 months old. I can hardly believe it! She's talking a LOT lately. We were moving towards potty training about a month ago. Now she's afraid of the toilet. Never like the book says is it? And here is a recent picture

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