Mixed Feelings.

12.19.2004 - 8:48 pm

My friend at work got fired on Friday. Honestly, she did make a pretty big mistake that warranted as least a written warning. I don't know personally if it warranted being fired. I'm feeling kinda caught between the story she told me and the story I will never hear from my employer. It appears that she is taking the fall for our boss. Fuck. I don't know how I feel about going to work tomorrow. I don't know that this is a company I want to work for long term (I've got at least another year to go before I quit, there's some things I want to accomplish because it will look SO fucking good on my resume, it's purely selfish) And I'm not in any means looking forward to the additional work I'm going to have to take on in her absence. Unless boss lady is going to do all that. Which I don't believe she can.

I just want to work for a company that actually lives and breaths by its values.

But that doesn't exist now does it?!


My new food pleausre, Cheddar Triscuits. Goodness I could eat a whole flippin' box of those while watching TV. Which, by the way, I watched about 2 hours of Food TV today. And I'm PMSing. What a combo.


I finished most of what is needed for the holidays today. Nick is going to mail off all of our packages tomorrow. Then it will be just us. A totally quiet and much needed break. My mom was here last weekend, then between 1/1 and 4/30, there will be three additional parental visits. I'm looking forward to not having anyone for Christmas. I think Nick is too. It's been really tiring and demanding at our house the last few months. I think having family pressure at the end of the year just wouldn't help that at all.

So that's that. Go buy yourself a box of Cheddar Triscuits. And send a box my way while you're at it. And a bag of reese peanut butter cups. And have a happy holiday.

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