Band Aid 20

12.05.2004 - 1:43 pm

Last week when my brother was here we watched Finding Nemo one morning. Now, all Munch wants to do it watch Nemo. If I ask her if she wants to listen to music and she sees me over at the CD/DVD player, she gets very upset when the TV doesn't go on and starts throwing a fit. Today we got home from some shopping and the Nemo DVD was on the floor because we watched it last night. She picked it up and walked over to the TV. I told her she could watch it tonight before bedtime and it isn't time for TV now. She got pretty upset. Eventually calmed down, but was pretty upset. I think I'm on the road to watching Nemo about 500 times and learning each line by heart. And I think, where in my brian does the memorization of movies and music get stored? And why can I not tap into that for other memory items? Like remembering to buy detergent for the dishwasher. ...sigh...

I have to get a formal action plan done for this course I'm doing at work. I have to make a presentation on it a little more than a week from now. Between tomorrow and noon on Friday, I'm pretty much solid in meetings. It sucks. I need to get better at scheduling desk time. I think I have to make another list of items to get done as I'm starting to feel overwhelmed again.

Nick is in London. He's eating at Gordon Ramsay's tonight, I'm very excited for him. The one thing I asked for him to bring me back? The Band Aid 20 CD that isn't available stateside. I'm so excited! Can you believe it's been 20 freakin' years since Bob Geldof started the whole "-Aid" phenomenon? I spent some time on that site the other day, listened to the song again and cried. Thinking about my life 20 years ago and what a super Duranie I was. So into the British music scene... my youth... You couldn't pay me enough money to ever go back there again. Ever.

My munchkin is awake from her nap.

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