4 more years?????????????????????

11.03.2004 - 9:11 am

OK, can I please be sick now? Go home, crawl into bed for the next four years and hope the world still remains when I get out of bed? It's so hard, driving in, I told myself I would not discuss politics at work. And in two hours time I've already spoken with four people about it. I live on the West Coast, a Kerry State, and the four and myself are heart broken. I worry about the future. I worry that in looking at all the races, the GOP is in the majority of the senate, the house and the governers. It's not so much the Republicans that worry me, not all Republicans are bad, I've even voted for some. It's the moral values. Try to deny it, but this country is a conservative, Christian state. I worry for the safety of women and children, non-Christian religions and every other category that doesn't fit. And I worry that other countries already have a bad taste for Bush and his horrible foreign policy. Worry, worry, worry. Will these next four years go as quickly as I hope?

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