10.26.2004 - 9:51 pm

I cannot wait for these elections to be over. While at the gym today, watching Oprah, during commerical break, all 6 commercials were for political candidates or initiatives.

My daughter is into bubble baths. We were at target today and bought Mr. Bubble. So of course we took a bath tonight. She loves the bubbles, although hasn't figured out that they don't taste good. She's starting to say all sorts of things; shoes, socks, more, Grover, Elmo, Big Bird (sounds more like Bah), and of course...mine.

I'm tired. Just finished watching Pieces of April. It was really cute. Totally light, totally needed. now I need to sleep. Having some trouble transferring files from my old PC to the new one - I think because of the space and age of the old PC. Hm...and the files I'm having trouble transferring are Munch's pictures. Maybe I'll just burn them to a CD and be done with it.


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