RX Therapy

10.23.2004 - 3:09 pm

you know what's been bothering me lately about the campaign? W says there isn't any way for the US to ensure that Canadian prescription drugs are safe for Americans to take. Um... Are we getting reports of Canadians dropping in the streets because their Zoloft was not up to par? If I were Canadian, I would be insulted that W would say such a thing. What makes the Canadian review and approval process any better or worse than the FDA?

Maybe next month when we go to Vancouver I'll pick up some 'scripts. Along with my flu shot.

Stupid stupid stupid!

Nick and I went to see some of the comedians from Last Comic Standing last night with some friends. The first one, Corey whoever (we didn't watch the whole season, just the last two or three episodes) was pathetic. Absolutely horrific and demeaning, really poor choices. The other two, Tammy and John were hysterical! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Good times.

That's about it. Munch is sleeping, Nick is setting up a Tivo, and I'm messing around on my new laptop. Saturdays are good days.

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