Mind dump

10.08.2004 - 4:49 pm

I'm in the house alone.


For maybe 15 more minutes.

I think my brain really needs this quiet right now. This week has been a hellacious roller coaster of emotion and frustration at work. I think I've been on the verge of tears three times. I told Nick that I want a liquid dinner tonight. He offered peach martinis. Now that I'm home in The Quiet, I'm actually kind of hungry. Not sure I want the martini anymore either. One will be good, just to take the edge off.

It's so frustrating. One of my work projects is to do a business case analysis. The costing matrix was completed today. To change our software package, the one we are happy with...to the one Finance is forcing our hand on, would cost us $2.5 million before we even consider customizations based on our business process. That is a HUGE investment. Sure, it would be great experience, look fabulous on my resume...but I'm sick and tired of doing these huge ass implementations. Why can't I just do something easy for once? I think I'm just tired and looking for a break. But now that busy season has started for me, I won't get a break until July 1, 2005. And if this software switch is approved, July 2nd I'll start another implementation. ...sigh...

Enough about work. enough.

I'm itching to do something crafty. Nick has to work on Sunday, so I'm trying to think of something Munch and I could do together. I already have plans to go to the pumpkin patch down the street. They have hay rides, petting zoo area, other fun stuff for kids - not that I expect her to be too into it at this point. I'd like to do something else too. Maybe we'll go to the pottery place and paint up something nice. Yeah, me and my girl, should be fun.

Do you watch Alias? Nick and I have added previous seasons to our netflix list. We are on disc 3 of season 1 at this point. Talk about an obsession. We are on a mission to get all three seasons done before season 4 starts in January. Jennifer Garner always looks so hot in her little spy costumes too. It's nice that we can both appreciate beautiful women.

OK, it's been 10 minutes writing here. I think I'm going to go switch on the TV. I want to catch the debate tonight since I've missed the last two. Should be intersting...

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