Junk mail

10.06.2004 - 8:55 pm

Feeling somewhat better, or maybe that's the drugs.

I had a facial last night. Why do pampering things like that have to end? Why can't I have my face massaged for 5 hours instead of just 1? OK, maybe 2 hours would be my threshold, but definitely more than an hour.

I'm going to Chicago next week (yippee!) Have I prepared at all? No. So this conference I'm going to, they have sold my name to every possible HR vendor. I'm getting a minimum of 10 pieces of mail a day strictly related to my name and this conference. They are all saying to go by their booth to be entered to win a ... iPod! I think they are all giving away iPods. Not that I wouldn't mind having an iPod, Nick's is fab...I just don't want to go and talk to all these vendors. I despise sales calls.

Munch...she's so great. We have gotten into this habit of graham crackers, milk and Sesame Street before bed. Tonight she was sitting on my lap, turns around to look at me, and waves Bye-Bye to the TV. We went to her room, read Good Night Moon and she went right down. She is such a good girl :) Her latest words are...Grover, cat (comes out At), more, and others I'm totally blanking on. Yay for my daughter!

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