Can't sleep

10.04.2004 - 9:45 pm

I cannot sleep. Laid in bed for 30 I got up. Wasting time on the computer. Now Nick is getting sick, most likely my illness.

I cannot be sick this month. There is too much going on.

I just finished reading I Don't Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy Working Mother. Like many, it wrapped up way to quickly. Regardless, it was a good read. I especially recommend it for working mothers, the laughs are too good! So what to read next?

I'm off to Chicago next week. I'm quite excited (although hoping that I feel better by then). And I intend to do some serious shopping while there. A few of my favorite stores that are no where to be found in Seattle. And one of the best gourmet chocolate boutiques ever! I'm so excited. I will miss my family very much, it will be nice to have some me time.


So the other day I see this bumper sticker (bold large text) "I'll forgive Jane Fonda when (second line, smaller text) the Jews forgive Hitler". So this pissed me off a bit. I don't think Jane Fonda and Hitler are in the same league. Jane Fonda spoke out about a war. Hitler, well, I won't even go there. I just felt so ignorant to me, and we all know how I feel about ignorance. I saw Jane Fonda and Eve Alvord on CNN a few weeks ago. They were appealing for women to get out and vote. They are of the opinion that women do not get what they need as far as laws are concerned, and if we all spoke up and used our voices, we could change policy. Is this a pipe dream? Maybe. If we all got involved and demanded better leave policies - not just for births, but caring for elder parents, sick partners, etc. - that we would get it. Wouldn't it be FABULOUS if the Family Medical Leave Act stated that our 12 weeks off had to be paid by an employer? Wouldn't it be great to break through some of those glass ceilings? Get paid as much as men? Have some pride in being parents (when you sheepishly tell your boss that your child is sick and you need to be home for them? Or they just won the science fair and you want to be at the awards ceremony? Or attend the little league play-off games?) I mean really, where the fuck are our values?! How can members of the government say that the family unit is most important to children? What about a loving family regardless of the parent's gender or sexual preference? Why can't we all have a month off from work? Why do so many people start a job and get two weeks of paid time off a year? That's 10 days, 80 hours of a 2,080 hour work year. That's crap.

Nick was telling me today that he had his first 1-1 with his new manager. And had mentioned to him that he would love to work overseas for a year or two. Wouldn't that be great? To have Munch at an age where we could go see amazing things in other countries? To have her learn through that sort of experience instead of a book - not that there is anything wrong with books - so much to see in this world. So much to do.

At the end of my book, the main character makes a very daring decision in support of her family. I hope Nick and I can do the same for our kids one day.

Now it's 10pm, I think I'll go try and sleep again.

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