over and over and over..

09.28.2004 - 12:56 pm

Munch has a cold. Probably some version of what I had last week. I'm home now, after being in the office this morning, and Nick is off to the office.

So of course, I'm getting nothing done. I have a call in an hour with a consultant about a system conversion that I don't want to do next year. You know, prior to working at my Employer I was on an 18-month job rotation. I got itchy at my 18-month mark, but stuck it out. Once the itchiness past, I realized that my purpose at a job is to fix things. I walk in, there's a horrible mess, I clean it up, get bored, and leave. This time, I've stuck around long enough to find more stuff to fix. Now, we are facing yet another system implementation. I have been involved in a system implementation for 3 years now (all different systems mind you, finish one and another kicks off). I'm tired of system implementations. I want to do something different.

And on that note, I am ONE month away from vesting in my pension plan. WOO-HOO! Never thought I'd make it 5 years at this place... But here I am, big bad manager chick with a pension plan!

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