Cottage Shack

09.24.2004 - 8:14 pm

There's this florist on the side of the road on one of the major roads to our house. And I mean side of the road.

The story goes like this, it must have been two years ago this little uhaul-type trailer (the kind you attach to the back of your car) gets parked in this empty lot. It's painted all colorful and signs about "Coming Soon! The Flower Shack". So the place supposedly opens up. I say supposedly because that woman is never open during convenient times. Her hours aren't posted anywhere, so you never know when the hell she's going to be there. And the little hatch would be open at the weirdest times, like 10:40am - 1pm. And that's it. Who knows, maybe she was getting lots of internet orders.

Then she closed for three weeks last summer. I'm guessing for family vacation. NOT that she was ever really open in the first place to have any customers to be vacationing from... And this double wide shows up, there's construction, the hut is attached to the double wide, more decorative painting. And The Flower Shack has increased in size. No, no...not an increase in open hours, just size.

This summer, she was closed 1/2 of July and all of August. The sign outside said she would be back on September 1st. Then September 1st comes around and another sign indicating she would be back September 13th.

HOW does this woman make money? I'm convinced she's selling some other kind of plant to finance her shack.

Then this week Nick comes home and says, "You won't believe what the Flower Shack is selling!" "Um, pot?" "No, surplus cottage cheese"

OK, if I'm buying cottage cheese, it SURE isn't going to be from the local "florist". We don't live in BFE, there's a grocery store 4 miles from my house. Cottage Cheese?! That woman IS on drugs.

Then Nick comes home last night to explain that he got a better look at the sign. It wasn't suplus cottage cheese, but surplus nursery plants from a business that starts Cottage ___ (don't know the second word). A little bit better.

Believe me, that woman WOULD be selling surplus cottage cheese from the back of her shack if she could get her hands on it.

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