09.20.2004 - 7:41 pm

Today Munch brought home a Scholastic book sale order catalog from school. Did you have these as a kid? I got so excited when I saw it, it was like I was 10 all over again. The first thing I did was sit down and page through looking for what I would want to order. That's how I got my Dynamite magazines of course! As you can imagine, prices have grown. Not the same when you could come into class with $1.50 in quarters and the balance due in nickels and dimes. Which our teachers never seemed to mind. Can you imagine that today?

I'm home sick. I have a viral infection and my asthma is flaming. The exact word my doctor used was "Pathetic". Hm, nice to know my lungs are keeping up. Anyway, she's written the doctor's orders to stay home until Thursday. I'll stay home at least tomorrow. Wednesday I have a huge deliverable, and I think I could coordinate everyone to help out with that. I think...

Did you watch the Emmys last night? I didn't like how the control booth was a part of the stage. I thought that was weird. It was otherwise tame. And it did piss me off that there was no music to ease Al Pacino off the stage. But there was for Meryl Streep. Is Pacino that much more of a legend? I think Meryl has done an excellent job keeping women in a respectable light. And those parts aren't easy to come by.

Off to watch the Ladykillers.

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