09.18.2004 - 3:12 pm

I'm fighting off a cold. Munch is asleep, I should go sleep too. The whole family was out today doing a bit of splurge shopping, which is always fun. Anyway, I had a bunch of ideas when we were out people watching. Nick kept making comments like "On the next episdoe of What Not To Wear" as we passed by some poorly dressed person in some outfit that did not flatter their body.

I finally broke down this week and bought new bras. I haven't had a good fitting one since before I was pregnant. Got measured for nursing bras at the time that was appropriate. Then I stopped nursing, and nothing fit. In fact, I shrunk more than before I was pregnant. I would have rather lost that weight in other places like my ass. But no, it came from my breasts. Oh well... So now I own four new bras with as much push up as I can handle. Or maybe I'm finally being supported the way I should that I never had before. Kind of nice.

So I'm going to watch the food network and zone out. I think I deserve it!

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