No sleep for the wicked?

09.14.2004 - 8:12 pm

s o t i r e d!

Munch is going through some developmental boundary thing and truly testing the patience of her parents. Last night, the three of us slept 3-4 hours (not consecutively either), the night before 5. We went to her doctor today to make sure she isn't hurt or anything. Nope. Time for the tough love. Tonight, no rocking or trying to calm the screaming, crying, flailing about. I, for one, could use a good 8 hours uninterupted sleep. Probably not going to happen for awhile.

I was supposed to vote today. You would think this would be an easy task for me to accomplish. Especially since I am on permanent absentee ballot. I started to fill out my ballot, and now it's 12 minutes past the polls closing. ...sigh...

That's it. Very tired. Must get sleep.

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