09.04.2004 - 2:02 pm

Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. My job is about to drive me to drink. Oh wait, I don't need that incentive to drink...I'll drink whenver I want. Not that I have wanted to drink at all lately, I'm just in an non-alcohol phase right now. Maybe it's all the shit I have to get done between now and the end of the year.

I'm going to Chicago next month. There's a conference that my boss thought either she or I should attend. And since I am now in charge of all HR Technology, it made more sense for me to go. And the kicker, I'm going without Nick or Munch. I'm excited and nervous about this at the same time. My control freak is saying I've never been away from both of them before and what if something goes wrong. Then my desperate woman side says THREE whole days without husband or child? YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll tell you what though, Chicago has a Kate Spade store and you can damn well be assured I'll be making a stop there. I deserve something nice, it's been too long.

I spent the morning cleaning out my closet, hanging stuff back up, getting rid of clothes I'll never fit into again...and now my allergies are suffering.

Later we are going over to our friends house for a little BBQ. Then tomorrow we are meeting up with some other friends for a picnic. I really want to relax this weekend, because the next month is going to be absolutely hellacious at work.

And with that, I'm going in the other room to read.

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