Dried up!

08.17.2004 - 8:28 pm

I'm no longer bleeding (hallelujah!) I'm feeling just like myself again, a tired, working mother. I've been working on getting to the gym three times a week. And really trying to not have a lot of sweets during the day. (I'm not doing so well today).

Otherwise, I'm tired of my job. Did I tell you all I got promoted a few months back? Yeah...the money was great, until the reality of new responsiblity kicked in, and now I wish it was more. Although I did get bumped into the next incentive bracket, so that will be nice to have a larger bonus next Spring. We are going through a huge reorg right now, and I'm tired of dealing with the emotional bullshit. Especially all the little pissing wars going on. It's ridiculous. At least I have my daughter and my husband to come home to every night.

Last week, Munch brought home her first piece of art made at school. Oh My Gawd I nearly cried! It's red and purple spin art, so cute! When I picked her up today, the teacher told me they were doing more painting today. Then comes my daughter around the corner, shirt absolutely covered in purple paint. As Nick pointed out, this is why we shop at Old Navy and Target for our daughter.

That's about it for today.

Did anyone watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics? Did you see the pregnant woman portion? I was trying to figure out if the woman was really pregnant or if it was a good make-up job. Then her belly started glowing a-la Alien, and I had my answer. That just ruined it. Oh well, to each his own art I suppose.

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