Bitch Rant

08.10.2004 - 7:54 pm

According to my pill pack, this week is my "official" week to bleed. BUT... I've been now bleeding for FIVE FUCKING WEEKS! I am SO tired and SO cranky it's unbearable. The irritability of my child sends my nerves on absolute edge. The meowing of my cat puts my teeth on edge. The ringing of the phone automatically puts me on the defense. The stupid fucking people at work, I just want to lock them in a room, tell them to quit whining and make them work it all out themselves.

I know my doctor said this is OK, it sure doesn't feel OK. If I'm still bleeding next week, I'm going to plant my ass at her office door and she will have to deal with my bitchy self until we get to the bottom of how to make this go AWAY!

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