08.06.2004 - 8:30 am

Hm, I saw something this morning that I wanted to rant about, but I cannot remember what it is anymore. Somewhere between the gym and my office. Maybe it was the people having trouble driving in the rain.

Itís been a pretty exhausting week. No one in my office is really motivated to do any actual work. I think Iíve been getting stuff done, I think. I still have a pretty big list. Not sure that this promotion is all itís cracked up to be.

In other female-related news, my body is going into overdrive to make up for lost menstrual time. Between 9 months of pregnancy and one year of nursing, I didnít have any flow. Then that first month I had basically nothing. Now Iím into month 3 of post-nursing, and have been bleeding for four weeks. I kid you not. It SUCKS so fucking bad! Iím bloated ALL the time, Iím crampy, and Iím tired. I saw an ad for Midol in a magazine this morning. Iím considering trying it out. I never used OTC drugs before because my cramps used to be debilitating so I was always on prescription relief. Now itís just a dull pain that lasts all the time, and ebbs into uncomfortableness every few hours. Maybe I need more iron. But taking supplements can be so hellacious. I did call my doctor, and as I expected, they told me to wait it out another month or two as my body readjusts to being fertile again. Ugh!

We are taking Munch to an ENT this afternoon. Sheís had 4-6 ear infections (depending on whether some were never cleared up in the first place) in the last 6 months. I think Nick and I pretty much know tubes is the answer, itís just collecting all the data.

Double Ugh. I just want to spend the day in bed. Iím so bloated and uncomfortable :-(

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