07.16.2004 - 5:06 pm

So I'm walking over to the crappy cafeteria today to get some lunch. There are two women behind me. Before I start, let is be said that about 75% of the population on my campus live in redneck land. So one woman is talking about her son. Seems her son has really weird looking hair right now, I missed the part of the story as to why this is so. Although I do know it's not cancer because one of the kids teasing him said he had cancer, he had to ask mom what that meant, and she had to explain it's not what he has.


She was telling her son that he should just wear a skull cap until his hair grows in. Now, it's been rather warm here in the Pacific Northwest. I wouldn't want to be wearing a skull cap either. So Mom TELLS the son that if this particular kid keeps picking on him, he should SAY to the bully..."Well, my hair may look weird right now, but you're ugly and nothing can fix that."

What the fuck?!

It gets better.

She tells him that in fact, if the kid keeps on teasing him, her son should go go ahead and punch him square in the face.


And we wonder why kids are so confused and messed up these days.

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