Sarah McLachlan, my hero(ess)

07.06.2004 - 7:58 pm

I saw Sarah McLachlan last night. Goddess is she a fucking sexy performer! She is definitely on my list of famous people to have over for dinner. Actually, I think I'd like to have her and her daughter over for a play date.

Again, I face the I'm-a-putz-I-gave-up-on-a-dream thing. And the realization that I can still do what I want. And maybe I would go back for my MSW. And maybe I don't really want to be a teacher. And I KNOW I don't want to work in HR all my freaking life. What I want right now, is to be a mom. Which I am, but I wish I had more time with Munch. She's saying "Hi" now. She's taken total attachment to her blanket. She's a lovey and a fantastic kid.

When I got home last night I emailed my girlfriend that I went to all three Lilith Fairs with, told her I miss her, and that I was itching for a Lilith Fair with her this summer. She emails me back today that as of 3 weeks ago, she's divorced. God! I need to give her a call and get the scoop, she just had her second girl last September. I have a feeling that he cheated and that's why they split up. We'll see, I really need to call her.

That's about it. In about an hour I'll settle in to my new guilty pleasure, Blow Out on Bravo.

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