06.30.2004 - 9:13 pm

Recently Nick purchased the new version of MS FrontPage for me. We maintain Munch's site on this software. He's also purchased the domain for our family, and neither of us have spent much time developing the site.

Well, tonight I started. Now I'm all excited to get it rolling. I want to scan in some old family photos, have a list of favorite links, stories and updates, etc. etc. etc.

Then I went to change out the laundry and get water and I totally lost my momentum. Oh well, more later. I'm hoping to get a good chunk of time this weekend to do something creative. Like work on the website or finish a tumbler for my friend I'm seeing next Friday. I have the creatvie bug and need to feed it.

Other than that, I'm tired, and some chore-related work I must do before bed.

And of course, another super cute picture of my Superstar!

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