Medical issues

06.20.2004 - 7:10 pm

It's been two years since I've had my period. First, I was pregnant. Then I spent a year nursing my daughter. Now, I'm on Orthotricyclen Lo for the first month, and the 4th week starts today. Last night I was in SO much fucking pain! I had forgotten how bad the cramps and lower back pain was for me in the past. I had also been holding onto this dream that having a child would make my menstrual cycle more bearable. I suppose not. Today is a bit better, the morning was the same. Munch and I got out for a arts festival for about two hours of walking and I think that helped. Now I have some tinges, but not as bad as last night. But first thing tomorrow when my doctor's office opens, I'm calling to get an RX. Nick asked me last night why not take something in the house. Doesn't do shit for me. I have a bottle of what I have used before, but it's two years old. Ugh! I am not looking forward to this week.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my annual with my OB/GYN and the story of my guilt with a c-section. The part I didn't write about is I had a quick & dirty bone scan and it came back off the charts. So my OB/GYN wanted me to get a dexascan, which is a more thorough scan of my bones and current status. Just as bad, she's referring me back to my PCP to start treatment. She had circled some meds as a suggestion, these meds are something that women with osteoporosis take. I suppose I should be grateful that I'm 33 and starting treatment, that will hopefully help me when I'm 60. One of the advantages of modern medicine, right? I'm not too worried about it.

And yet another picture of my darling daughter...

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