Need sleep

06.03.2004 - 6:11 am

I think I need to hire a babysitter one morning so I can sleep. As late as I want. Isn't that a novel idea? I've been having SO much trouble getting up in the mornings. Maybe I should go to bed earlier. Right now I'm reading The DaVinci Code, so that's capturing my brain more than sleep does.


I'm big time procrastinating on a project at work. I'm supposed to be evaluating if PeopleSoft is a viable option for our HR department. Yuck. I know that my lack of motivation is that I don't believe PeopleSoft is the right option for us. We're too small. I demand customer service, and I know PS won't be giving it to us. We're the plankton in the sea of PeopleSoft clients.

So here I'm off to finish getting ready for my job, so I can procrastinate one more day from my big project. I'm in denial (my default coping mechanism).

OK, enough about work. Did I tell you all that Munch is walking?! Yep, still got the Frankenstein thing going for her, I bet she's running in about a week. She's just too much, too damn cute!

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